Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to Quito, ET!

On Saturday, January 8th, the climbers from ET arrived. We are staying at a really nice hotel, a great upgrade from the hostal I had been staying at! The first morning, we all met up for breakfast at the Magic Bean, a real treat: I had yogurt with granola and fried eggs, it was delicious! We spent the morning with some briefings, getting oriented to Quito, Ecuador, and our itinerary. We also began getting to know each other: Stephan is a young guy, works for EPA in DC, while Tim is in his mid-40´s and works as a general contractor in Boston. That afternoon we toured Quito, specifically Old Town. This was a lot of fun, touring the churches and just sort of running all over the place.

That night, we planned and packed for Pasochoa.

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