Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rucu's Direct Route and the Ventana del Muerte

Now here was an adventure! After taking the teleferico up and hiking to the rock base (see previous post on Rucu for details of that trek), we busted out our ropes and harness for a very exposed climb. Dan climbed ahead, fixing gear (protection to hold the rope to rock in case someone fell) for the rest of us. We then used prusicks (a kind of knot that can slide one way, so that if you fall the knot and rope hold you) to follow. As I had the most experience climbing, I got to climb last and clean all the protection as I went (essential removing the gear from the rocks and taking it with me, also coiling the rope as I climb). THIS WAS SO COOL! And then we get to the venta del muerte (window of death), which was just so freaking awesome (see the photo below!).

All in all, we had a great summit. Today is rest day in Quito, tomorrow we leave early for Cotopaxi! That means no more news until I get back late on Saturday!

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