Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Climb Number 1

Got into Quito just fine last night! We landed a little late after having to change course to avoid storms over the Caribean, but it all worked out fine. I got to my hostel with no issue and immediatly got to practicing my Spanish. Met a group of climbers from the states and got some great beta. Woke up today feeling like a million bucks, altitude doesn't seem to be an issue yet. Journeyed through New Town trying to find the South American Explorers club, which took way too long (that is a story within itself... lets just say I'm an idiot). Joined up with the club and having been getting crucial beta on Quito and climbing in the area. Lunch was at an Indian resturant with super yummy veggie curry. But on to the important stuff!

Tomorrow I will do the first summit attempt. I will start by taking the teleferiQo from Quito to 4100m on Rucu Pinchincha. From there, it is a 2 - 3 hour hike to the summit at 4627m. There is a traverse route from the summit that takes an addional 4 - 5 hours to the refuge on Guagua Pinchincha. Depending on conditions and time, I will attempt to summit that afternoon (4675m). It will likely be getting late, so I may sleep at the refuge at the base of the summit for Guagua before hiking back out the next morning. This may be an overly ambitious ascent plan, but I'm feeling great and up for it! Expect photos on Friday!

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