Friday, December 16, 2011

Mount Washington, here we come!

Mark and I leave on Saturday for New Hampshire! We're going to drive there and stay at the hut at the foot of Tuckerman Ravine. Conditions sound pretty typical for Washington: bitterly cold and windy. Highs of 22 and 10 degrees F while we're there, but with winds of 75+ mph will create a windchill of -20 - -30 degrees F!

Been getting in the gym and running a bit more regularly to get ready. Hoped on an 11a on one of the gym's arches; pulled the arch clean on my first attempt, but fell on a nasty bat wing. Worked it again the next day and pulled the bat wing only to blow it at the bolt (the crimp I clipped off last time was just not going to happen with my waning finger strength).

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